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Frequently asked questions


Q.: How to place an order? 

A.: Sm-Cigs.Com provides an efficient and easy way to place orders on our website.
Here are some simple instructions to guide you when placing an order:
Step 1: Look for your product.
You may search for a particular brand on the left "Our Brands" menu.
Step 2: Add the item to shopping cart.
You may add a particular item to the shopping cart by clicking on the "Buy Now" button against the particular product. You may also update or remove an item from your shopping cart.
Step 3: Checkout.
Once you have finished adding products to your shopping cart, you may simply click on the "Checkout" button. The checkout process requires you to provide your shipping details and choose your payment option.
Step 4: Order Confirmation.
After the checkout process, the order number is generated and the order confirmation e-mail is sent to your e-mail address for future reference and communication.


Q.: Why do I need an account? 

A.: If you are a registered customer you get the possibility to shop faster with no need to fill in your personal information every time you place a new order. You can also check the status of your current order and review the history of your previous orders in Your Account. All the details of your purchases will be kept in Your Account, so you can access it at any time of day to check the status of your orders.


Q.: What payment methods are accepted? 

A.: We accept:


Q.: Do you have a minimum order? 

A.: Yes, we do. The minimum order is 4 cartons.


Q.: How safe is to send you my credit card details? 

A.: Our on-line ordering system uses the latest in Secure Encryption Technology. All personal and credit card information is submitted with the highest level of security and precautions so you shouldn't worry when entering your credit card information on our site.


Q.: I'm not comfortable using my credit card online, how can I pay for my order? 

A.: Orders can be placed confidentially by FAX. Please contact us at to receive an "Order by FAX" form.


Q.: How long does it take to process and ship my order? 

A.: We guarantee to process and ship all orders paid by credit card within 2 business days after order date. Orders paid by e-check can take up to 5 business days to process. All orders placed on weekend will be processed on Monday. You will be automatically notified by E-mail once we approve or ship your order.


Q.: What are the delivery times and costs? 

A.: The estimated delivery times are 10-45 business days from the shipping date.
Shipping cost is $9.99 per carton. Please refer to our "Shipping and Delivery Policy" page for more information.


Q.: Is the delivery guaranteed? 

A.: We 100% guarantee delivery. In case you are not satisfied with the purchased product or your parcel is lost, stolen or damaged you should e-mail your inquiry to Please refer to our "Shipping and Delivery Policy" and "Refund Policy" pages for more information.


Q.: What information do you collect when placing an order? Why? 

A.: We collect your email address for emailing you an order confirmation; we do not share your email address with any third parties that will send you unwanted or spam mail. Your email address used to contact you online is used solely for use between you (buyer) and Sm-Cigs.Com to respond to any inquiries regarding orders or products. Actual shipping address is collected for shipping. Billing information is collected to process your payment. Your billing information may only be disclosed to the issuing bank for verification purposes. Please refer to our "Privacy Policy" page for more information.


Q.: How do I cancel my order? 

A.: For all order cancellations, please email us at
Important: we cannot cancel an order that has already been shipped.


Q.: Why didn't I receive a confirmation email or replies to my e-mails? 

A.: Sometimes our e-mails are being mistaken considered unsolicited commercial emails, and are therefore being blocked. If you want your order ID and more information on your order you may email us at
To make certain that you receive our replies to your email, please add our email addresses ( to your list of contacts/address book/safe list. If you have installed a SPAM filter, then check the settings and its folders to verify that it hasn't prevented you from seeing the reply. If it moves the email to a different folder, scan through that folder looking for our reply. If you do not receive replies after repeated attempts to contact us try reaching us from another email address, or inform us that you are not receiving our replies and perhaps we can try sending an e-mail from a different address.


Q.: What is your chargeback policy? 

A.: We will not tolerate credit card chargebacks and any customer attempting or threatening to do this will be immediately barred from making any future purchases on this website as well as having their card blacklisted among processors. If there is a problem we will always seek a solution resulting in either a refund or a reship in line with our structured reship and refund procedure.


Q.: How to cancel/activate Autodelivery Orders? 

A.: To view the list of your Autodelivery Orders, please log in and choose Autodelivery in the My Account menu.
- To cancel autodelivery, please press Suspend autodelivery by the order number.
- To activate autodelivery, please press Activate autodelivery by the order number.


You should be at least 18 years old to buy cigarettes!

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